Brighton Marathon: the pain and the glory!

You may have heard that some runners had a very bad experience at the Brighton Marathon 2017. It was a very hot day, and in fact two people I “know” from another online forum ended up in hospital having collapsed (one of them reached the finish before he went down, the other sadly did not). […]

What’s gonna get me?

If not cancer, I nominate peas. The number of times I almost choke on those little buggers, sheesh. In other nutrition news, I’m pondering my first ever energy gel* for my 20k tomorrow. Hope I don’t choke on that! * Lie, actually. My first ever gel was out of a goody bag, ingested in the […]

One more day ’til Beachy!

Oiling the joints for tomorrow, with a little 3k-er. It’s warm – don’t know what to wear!! In (slightly) other news, I entered the Brighton Marathon yesterday, hope I don’t regret it come tomorrow evening! It was jolly exciting following the link to get one of the extra places (cor blimey, expensive or what?)   […]

Longest run

22 miles, yay! The weather was crazy today, started off warm (although it did chuck it down just before I left, yielding a stupendous rainbow), then driving rain near Devils Dyke, and lightning! Then no rain for the can-can path and I almost dried out completely. Then more torrential rain later got me soaked for […]