What’s gonna get me?

If not cancer, I nominate peas. The number of times I almost choke on those little buggers, sheesh. In other nutrition news, I’m pondering my first ever energy gel* for my 20k tomorrow. Hope I don’t choke on that! * Lie, actually. My first ever gel was out of a goody bag, ingested in the […]

One more day ’til Beachy!

Oiling the joints for tomorrow, with a little 3k-er. It’s warm – don’t know what to wear!! In (slightly) other news, I entered the Brighton Marathon yesterday, hope I don’t regret it come tomorrow evening! It was jolly exciting following the link to get one of the extra places (cor blimey, expensive or what?)   […]

Longest run

22 miles, yay! The weather was crazy today, started off warm (although it did chuck it down just before I left, yielding a stupendous rainbow), then driving rain near Devils Dyke, and lightning! Then no rain for the can-can path and I almost dried out completely. Then more torrential rain later got me soaked for […]

Bank holiday tempo

  At last a pb! More comfortable conditions, still pretty warm though! Sea-level 10k for half marathon pace. Phew! Many walk breaks to have drinks 🙂 Haven’t seen Steve for a while (Steve, hi!). I’m reading a book by a woman who has run the Beachy Head Marathon 3 times and calls it ‘Bitchy’ 😀 […]

Too hot!!

Today I took the bus to Shoreham before heading up to the South Downs Way. ‘Twas a good move, missing out as I did the boring bit 🙂 I felt good on the run, except for having to stop at the Youth Hostel to use their loo… more work must be done on not needing […]


It’s hot! I’m dawdling in this heat, but I hope the effort I *do* make will still pay dividends… Still, a beautiful day! Preston Park was looking gorgeous as ever (so I had to waste a bit of time with photos and social media!)   I couldn’t resist a detour round Hove Park either, and […]

Yes I can-can

Much better than last time, no tummy problems! The forecast said heavy rain, and by the time I got to the windmill I was wondering when I would get some – so hot and humid I wanted some nice cool rain!! Well, it rained a bit anyway… It was pretty peaceful up on the downs […]